Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, August 1, 2014


Here is a picture of Mom relaxing on the Patio.  That is probably what she will be doing tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a day that is much too quiet,  a bit on the boring side, and us missing our family.  We have had someone visiting since June 20!   Let's see - my aunt Sandy came in on the 20th and stayed over a week.  Then my cousin Tammy and her family came in on the following Friday.  We loved having a shrimp boil with them all.  Sandy left the end of June and Dave flew in.    David's my brother that teaches science in Monticello Indiana.  He has been here a little over a month.  A week ago tomorrow my other brother, Ron, drove down with his dog Sage.    So this last week our whole family has been together having a great time.

Dave and Ron are leaving early in the morning to head back to Indiana.   Oh yes, I knew they had to go but I hate when they leave.  We have had such a wonderful month with Dave and then Ron just added more fun!    The house will get very quiet, and mom, dad, and I will need to get back into our old schedule.   I miss my brothers very much and I love when I get to see them. That is the only bad thing about our move to Florida - missing family and friends that you are used to seeing more often than a couple times a year.    So for now, I pray they have a safe trip home and a good start to their week.

I have lots of pictures of things we did while  they were here.  it will take a couple of blogs to get them all in. I will start those off probably later tomorrow.

  - Who is going to go to sonic's for happy hour  ($1. Pop drinks) with me?
  - Who is going to entertain Kacey  and give her belly rubs?
  - Who is going to make me laugh and laugh?
  - Who is going to burn the bacon in the morning?
  - Who is going to volunteer to do their fair share of the driving?
  - Who is going to refill the peanut M & N's cup?
  - Who is going to make Mr Moose travel around the house?
Drive safe and you two haven't even left and I miss you all ready  -  love you lots!

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