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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kacey is sick!

Kacey is my 12 year old pug that is a member of the family, some call spoiled, very stubborn and persistent, and certainly a little diva.  
We have always said the expression "Sick as a dog" and I now understand how bad that can be.  Friday night my Kacey ate her supper and seemed fine.  By eight o'clock she was going downhill fast.  Kacey was gurgling when breathing and that scared me.    I was up part of the night because I was so worried about her. to the vet in the morning we went.   After x-rays, blood tests, heart worm tests, ear swab test,  and more she had two problems.   One was inflammation around a disc in her back.  Oh, that must of hurt.
But the worst problem was that she did have a little congestion in her lungs.   Her inner ear was greatly infected and the ear drum had separated.  (from what, I don't know but I have been told it happens to may older dogs.)  The vet was very concerned that the ear problem will lead to pneumonia.   

One sick dogie!   She stood at the vet with her tail straight down and was miserable.  I cried.
The vet gave her two pain pills to take, one pill that was an antibiotic for the ear, eye drops, and solution to clean the ears twice a day.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday and into Monday she was a sick little dog that wanted to be held at all times.  The vet wanted her back Monday morning - which we did - and did another ear swab.
Today, we are seeing improvement.   Thank goodness!!   We have a ways to go with the ear and another appointment Thursday but I hope we are going in the right direction.

She never has problems relaxing.

Some humor to be added here.   She is a pill popper.   What I mean is any pill that goes into the mouth comes back out.  UGH!!!!!   Wrap it is cheese - NO, peanut butter - NO, bread -NO.   We had to get those pills in her so I have a bright idea.  (Please don't judge me.)  Off we go to McDonald's to get chicken McNuggets.      Pulled off the coating and stuck the pill inside and down the throat it went.   DON'T YOU DARE TELL HER OUR SECRET.

Friday night I put her on my bed so that I could hear her breathing.  Guess where she wants to sleep now!?
Really Kacey?

The money spent at the vet - that alone can make me cry.  But she is a member of our family and if it looks as if she can be cured, then I will do my best.

Kacey sleeping in the car.  Kacey has traveled many a mile!

As of Tuesday night at 11:30, she is sleeping next to me while I type.    We are not over the woods with the ears and pneumonia but I feel so much better.   Love my Kacey.  

If Kacey could talk, this is what she would say:
  • I am sitting there.    Please move.  Yes, you.   Move your leg over three inches to the right.   You are crowding me.
  • Do I really need to whine to get your attention?  You know, I can keep this up all day long.
  • You expect me to eat that!   I don't think so.
  • I don't snore.   Princesses don't snore.
  • Do not put Halloween costumes and Santa hats on me.  It is embarrassing.
  • I want outside.  No, I don't have to go - I just want to sniff.   I don't care that there are only 10 minutes left in the movie  you are watching.
  • Never should everyone leave the house at once......someone should stay home and cuddle with me.  Where are your priorities?
  • I love my family and I know they love me.  

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