Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July is a GREAT month!

Over the month of July I have taken pictures in different ways.    Some on my camera, some on my IPHONE, and some on my IPad.   Then I have all of Dave and Ron's pictures also loaded on my computer so it will take several blogs to put all my stories and pictures down.
It has been one absolutely wonderful month for us all. No worries or concerns, great fun on the beach or pool, and meals with the family at home or in wonderful seafood restaurants.
So here we go!

Mom and Ron at Hemingways.  It can be expensive but they have ten dinner meals for $10. that are very tasty.   

Smoked tuna dip on bread is one of those delicious apitizers.

Ron taking a picture of me taking his picture.   Silly Ron.

Dave and I.

Dad.   I told him to smile but he would not quit eating long enough to smile.   

Love the white beach sand.

Mississippi has the most incredible Welcome Stop off of Highway 10.  The building itself is very elegant inside with dark wood furniture and trimmings.   Coffee is offered the moment you walk in and out front they have these beautiful bird carvings in old trees.   What a treat to see these.

Louisiana also had a beautiful rest stop with flowers blooming everywhere.  Now, I realize these states do not go through the cold, cold winters and it tends to be easier to have beautiful grounds but some of our northern states could possibly put more effort into beautifying their welcome rest stops.

This picture was at The Oar House and it was hot.   So I made Ron sit in the sun.    He is the youngest, you know.

Ah, a picture of me!  Usually I am taking the pictures so I don't always show up in the pics.  

Beach shot as we drove to the beach. 

Whenever we are at Hemingways, this is our view.  (Different bathers of course.)

Going out to eat at a beach restaurant is supposed to be relaxing but - REALLY DAD?!

This is a very large pipe laying ship that is at the Port of Pensacola.   Dad LOVES to look at these ships.   This picture does not show the size well at all.   The people on it look so tiny.  

                  Now my ego will not let me go without saying that my hair was not good in these pictures.  You know, typical beach/pool/salt hair combined with 95 degree heat and high humidity.   

Well, that is it for tonight.  I just began with pictures but I think the next blog will be on our trip to New Orleans.  I LOVED THAT TRIP!!!!!

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