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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oldies but Goodies

Today was a warm one......Our thermometer in the backyard said 108 degrees (in the sun) so it was a great day to take Kacey into the pool swimming and then over to the hose and give her a doggie suds shower.  It takes forever for her to dry - hours!   We also went for a walk down the street to try to hurry the drying process, but no, hours again.

Poor Kacey.   She just wants to be in the air conditioning but I think she should go swimming and then a shower/bath.  She tolerates me though.  Oh, excuse my Dad's thumb.

I though for fun I would go back into some pictures before we moved here.   Maybe from my home or Mom and Dad's home.   Here we go........

Indiana Beach in Monticello.  We owned a resort - Anchor Bay Resort - within walking distance and did all the work ourselves.  I mean all - cleaning cabins, mowing, running a 50,000 gallon pool, and much more.   Indiana Beach was wonderful and so fun!

My home in late spring in Portage, In.   Beautiful tree but oh, the smell when the pollen was present.  Yuck!

Early spring at the house in Monticello on Kean's Bay.  Beautiful view and memories galore!!

My summer band in Hobart, In.  back when we were at the old middle school.  These were great kids and we still had fifty coming into the group when school started.

Who is driving the boat!

They would drop the level of Lake Shafer to work on the damn every so many years.  Then it was a good time to fix piers, lifts, pick up junk on the lake bottom, and retaining walls.  Dave is over on Saturday to help.  Don't step where there is water - you will loose a shoe!

Dad, Ron and I connected my house to the garage with two doors - one in the front and one in the back.  Oh, how wonderful that was when it was raining to go straight into the garage without getting wet or better yet, never have snow build up around the back door.

This is my Aunt Clarice, my Dad's sister.  I could not of loved her more.  After my uncle died, she and I would go out for dinner every Thursday night and sometimes shop on Saturdays.  Besides my parents, she was so important to my childhood.  I knew she loved me lots and I loved the way she enjoyed life.

Of course, now I life somewhere that looks like this in January.  Beautiful flowers.  Some trees loose their leaves but as many of them don't and of course, the palms look tropical all year long.

Well, that is a little of my past.  Yesterday was my brother Ron's birthday and he had a great day.   I miss being there to celebrate with him though.  Have a great Sunday tomorrow and take care!

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