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Sunday, August 24, 2014

MORE Oldies but Goodies

Today, a Sunday, was a quiet day for us.  Dad worked outside until lunch and then watched some golf.  We ran over to I-HOP for lunch and it wasn't good at all today.   Yes, they were crowded but over an hour wait for pancakes is extreme.  We then ran to Joe Patti's to pick up a gift for a friend.  
Some good news!  IT RAINED FOR 15 MINUTES!!!!!   Oh, how we needed that rain.  As I sit here and type I can hear the frogs singing away outside.    They are happy also.

Just a few more pictures I will call Oldies but Goodies........

Dave's school takes interested 6th graders every spring to St. Louis on an overnight trip.   (Brave teachers.)  There trip is amazing and filled with fun, educational activities so Dave told Mom, Dad, and I that we might enjoy a family trip to St. Louis.  We read a lot about Route 66 history and what is still presently there to visit.
One of our first stops was actually on Route 66.  A luncheon restaurant invented what we call corn dogs.  But they call them Cozy Dogs (the name of the restaurant) and if you ask for a corn dog, they act as if they have no idea what you are talking about.   

Dave with his Cozy Dog.  Yes, they were yummy!

The famous Arch in St. Louis has a museum under ground that was wonderful.  And yes, we got into one of those pods and went up to the tip top of the arch.  Fun and yet very claustrophobic.

Back at the lake, Kacey had to be leashed in the boat otherwise she thought it would be fun to jump off the front of the boat.  Heart attack time for me!

Doesn't this look like a lovely cabinet that you could purchase for your bathroom?  Dad make this for me.  When we moved, we took it down before the house went up for sale so it ended up here in Florida with us.
He is very talented, don't you think?

What a mess of rain we had at the start of school one year.  It rained so much that school was canceled.  Lake George was pouring over bridges.

More of the flood.   This time showing the gazebo. 

Cypress tree roots.  Just another interesting show of what Mother Nature can do.

Mom and Dad's house in Monticello - the green one on the left.   We are out on the boat looking back at the house.   See those hedges.  Would you like to cut hedges that are that high off the ground and at least 4 feet wide.   No fun.  Dad and my brothers always did this together and would get very grouchy. I just don't understand why!

That is it for now.   I talked to my cousin Sandy for quite awhile tonight.   She just retired!  HAPPY RETIREMENT SANDY!!!!!!  

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