Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Keeping busy and having fun!

Again, I must say it is hot and they have weather warnings out for this week-end that it will be 99 degrees along with heavy, miserable humidity. I love air conditioning!

We have really enjoyed the last three days - Tuesday we went to the Mall and I picked up some Clinique.  It is their sale time that you buy $27. worth of makeup and get a $78. of assorted lotions, makeup items, and a makeup bag.  Great deal!
      Afterwards we  drove to the Port of Pensacola to see the big ships.  This is a must if Dad is in the car.   If a ship is staying in the port, it brings quite a bit of money to Pensacola.  At the end of the Port's park area is a restaurant called Jaco's.  You sit outside and see all the large boats and ships.   Money, money, money.  It was a beautiful day......we got some pop and a small key lime pie and shared.

Wind is blowing but feels so good in the heat.

Look at these sale boats.  I have been on one like these and they sure do move.

Dad could watch these all day long.  I should just drop him off and pick him up before dinner. (Mom and I could shop.)

Me - also windblown hair.

Mom and I.

This is a picture of half of this ship.  Too big to get the whole thing in one shot.  I believe it lays and picks up pipes for oil rigs.

Palafox Street is the main street running north and south in downtown Pensacola.  It reminds you so much of New Orleans.   There is a wonderful piano store,  I bought my piano there, and they also sell piano music.  I stopped by to peruse the music.  Lots and lots of grand pianos.  Amazing!

They have Gallery Night ever so often and close off the street, the stores are open, bands are playing on the street and up in the balconies, and you can get wine or beer and walk around and enjoy.  It is so fun.

Further down is a long park area that you can visit any and every Saturday and get fresh produce, bakery items, purchase plants, crafts, honey, and much more.  It is a great Saturday morning activity.
        Please take care and enjoy!


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