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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back Home Again In Hobart,Indiana

(Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  But you will get the idea.)

I grew up in Hobart, Indiana.  A great little town and very safe to be out playing all day.   Just be in by dark.
When I was in sixth grade, we moved into a two storey house on Lake George.  My Grandpa and Grandma Ronschke lived in the house (Mom grew up in the same house) and sold it to Mom and Dad.  So we had a house on hill that went down to the lake - a kids dream.   Many years later our friend Mike Gee bought the house and has lived there for some time.  He is presently doing major changes with the second floor.   The two bedrooms there had been built for me and my two brothers and designed by Mom and Dad.  They were small but very nice.   WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH THIS, PEGGY?!  Ron has taken some pictures of the rooms and it takes me back to our childhood.

I know it is so blurry, sorry.   But you can see the hill with all the trees down to the lake.  In the winter we would skate down the hill and ice skate on the lake and we had assorted sleds that we would ride down the hill.  Many memories.

The walls were put up when I was in 6th grade, Dave in 3rd, and Ron not in school yet.  We were allowed to draw on them before the paneling was put up.  Here is a picture of Grandma Kaiser bowling.  (I know, only family would enjoy that.)

My room had built in furniture and shelves to make more room.   I loved it!  Green wall paper, white furniture and a grey/white rug.  It really was quite pretty.

It had a walk in closet with built in drawers and shelves - also decorated in the green wall paper.  I thought I was a princess.  
Well, it was a wonderful room for a young girl in the sixties and early seventies.  Thanks Mom, Dad, Uncle Bob, and Jerry for building this for me.   But now it is being gutted.  Boo!!!   No, really, Mike will have a beautiful master bedroom upstairs with master bath and a balcony that looks out to the lake.

Some final thoughts.....
  • I loved growing up in that house and in Hobart. 
  • The house had air conditioning.....not everyone had it back then.
  • We used to play night tag, catch fire flies, roll down the hill, and beg to stay out longer.  
  • Oh, and did we get dirty!  A we all had scratches from falling off the bikes.
  • When I go into the house now to visit Mike, it seems so small compared to my memory.  (It is not a small house but your memory from childhood makes it seem so much bigger.)
  • Mowing that hill was NOT FUN!  
  • Wonderful memories!   When I left for college, I think Dave took over my room minutes after I left.  Not cool Dave.
Time to take Kacey out, fight the frogs, and go to bed.  There is a weather disturbance moving toward the Caribbean Islands but the weather people feel that it is not going to come into the gulf.   Good news for us!
Also in the weather is the warnings of extreme heat this week-end along with humidity.  Whew!!
That is it for now......careful in the heat!   

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