Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hot August Day on Pensacola Beach

Oh Yea!   It was a hot day.  You know that it is so hot when you step out the door that you want to go back into the air conditioning.   And when you first get in the car.....OUCH!!!!!
So we decided to go to Shaggy's on Pensacola Beach and eat outside by the water and then ride up the island to Fort Pickens to see sailboats.

We ate at Shaggy's on the deck and this was part of our view.

They loved their much to take the time to stop and smile.

The view to the left.   The building is the Margarittaville hotel.

I had the crab, so good!

This is the Emerald Dolphin where we stayed the last four years before our move.

Part of the island is Federal Park land and seniors get a free pass into the park.  NO, I am not old enough to have this pass!   Not yet.   Not me!!!       But Mom and Dad are and the pass gets anyone in the car in free.

Colors.    Sigh........    What sand, green beach growth, golden sea oats, blue skies, and puffy white clouds.   Mother Nature at her best.

And the colors in the water are amazing.

Hot day but this young man is working his way towards Fort Pickens.

More beauty.

Sea oats.  They hold the sand dunes down and help protect from wind flattening out the beach.

I also love the man-made colors of beach umbrellas.  So happy!

More beauty.

Closer to Fort Pickens.  The nest is from an Osprey.

More Osprey nests.

And there is the fort.

One of the reasons that I wanted to head this direction is that sailboat owners were taking wounded veterans out on their boats to say thank you for their service.   There were quite a few sailboats out on the sound and the bay.   What a perfect day for that trip.

More sailboats.  Also the lighthouse on the Navy Base.

Dad was stationed on that base and I was born there.   He loves visiting and looking over at the base.

Pretty wild flowers.

Colors of nature = beauty.

The tug boat was moving this platform down the sound so fast.   We were amazed how quickly they were moving.

My favorite shot.


They have to come in every couple of days and remove sand from the road.  

Again,  colors!
I hope you enjoyed.   Some of the pictures I am going to enlarge and frame.   We shall see how they come out.  Dad and jumped into the pool for awhile and then I made a taco salad and cut up some sweet watermelon for dinner.    A wonderful day..........Take care all!

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