Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beautiful, Hot, Sunny Florida

Hot do you say?  Oh, it is SO HOT!!  Today it was 92 degrees at 10:30 with a 103 heat index.  So your basic activities revolve around cooling down.  Our friends Nicole and Kray have been in the pool with us almost every day this week.  Nicole and Kray and I went to meet Lamont (Nicole's husband) for lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant.  Then home to the pool.

Here are some pictures taken mostly by Ron so he is not in hardly any of these pics.   Here we go!

Mom cooling her feet while Sage wishes she could jump in the pool.  Oh, she is allowed to jump in - just afraid.   Yes, Ron has a black lab that is afraid to dive into the pool.   

"Oh, Elaine - do you think I could go down the stairs?   Oh, maybe not.   Too scary!)

Dad and I walking toward the Oar House.

Enjoying the shade outside with cold drinks.

Yes, ME!    In a picture!

Ron and Dave at the beach.   The man sitting on the sand is Dave.  Beautiful Caribbean colors.

Look how clear the water is.......even water over your head is as clear as can be.

Mom, Dave, and Ron went to Flounders for lunch.  I took Dad to an eye appointment in north Pensacola.  This is the key lime pie desert.  ($7.00)  It easily feeds 6 people......maybe even more.    

View from table at Flounders.   This is not the Gulf of Mexico but the sound or otherwise called the inter coastal.   

Pensacola Beach now has an area for dogs on the beach.   Ron took Sage over.   She loved the sand and walking up to the water but again - afraid to go into the water.  Crazy lab!   She is a sweetie.....

Sage checking out the beach walkway.

Back to the pool.  We have these water squirt tubes in the pool.   You need one to protect yourself from others with a squirt tube.   I NEVER squirt anyone.   ;)

Once we sit down somewhere - out come the I Phones.   Taking pics, checking messages.

I will add a few other pictures that I liked.

This is Dave standing up on the Pensacola Beach Elementary School balcony.  It is just 1/2 block from the Gulf of Mexico and nothing but sand around.   

Loved the colors used in this house.   Most houses on the beach are bright, vivid colors with sand for their yard.  

Round houses are supposed to do much better in hurricanes so why there aren't more.....I don't know.

This is a very well known round house that can be rented for a pretty penney.   WHEW!! $$$$$$

Thank you for this picture, Ron.   I likey!  These crape myrtle trees and so pretty.

And that is it for now.   I love living here.  The weather, beach, plants, colors, is a paradise.

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