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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Orleans

Yes!  We went to New Orleans.....if only for one day but had a great time.    The drive is 3 hours and a very pretty drive it is!  My brother's Ron and Dave and I went together.  (They expected me to do some of the driving ---not fair at all!)   So I will begin with some of our pictures and comment below.

We ate brunch here.  Almost everything on the menu had alligator in it.  So I ordered the biscuits and gravy.   One biscuit six inches across.  Wow!

This is where we ate.....THE SOMETHING ELSE CAFE.

A shot down one of the streets.

One of the many interesting bars.   I wanted to see Bourbon Street, and I did.  Very odd, interesting, uncomfortable, hmmmmm......  Just not for me.

So many people have been to New Orleans and recognize the these balconies throughout the city.

Beads hanging in high places from the last mardi graw parade.

Of course, masks everywhere to purchase.   Some beautiful, some odd, some scary.

By early after noon it was hot, hot, hot and we saw the mule carriage rides.  So we took a 2 hour tour.  Best idea we had.  We got to go to a cemetery and get out and walk around and saw many more streets than we would of seen by walking through the french quarter.  

In the cemetery - Ron ahead of me.

More cemetery.

I always heard and read how low New Orleans was below sea level but as you stand by the River Walk,  you can look up and see ships going by but way above you.

I guess everybody needs a vacation during the summer.   I hope they had a magical time in New Orleans.

The silver lady on the street.   Better ways to make money, I think.

Street car on Canal Street.  $1.00 for a ride.

More beads just hanging around.

Beignets.  Need I say more.

Well, here we are on the way home.   Tired but had a great day.  Ron is driving?   Gee, it seems like he never drove - just slept.  (he-he)
Some of my thoughts about the day:

  • Loved it!   Had a great time!
  • Bourbon Street - I have seen it - don't need to go there again.  Loved many of the other streets.
  • Food and drink was much cheaper than I thought.  Thank you New Orleans.
  • The Cathedral was beautiful.   I just wanted to sit and listen to the chants and enjoy.
  • We parked in the Canal Shopping area parking lot.   Yes, expensive, at $17.00 but I knew the car was safe.   That is important.
  • Three hours from home!   WOW!
  • I had read so much before we went about New Orleans that I was not surprised by much.   
  • Music - love the music - heard a steel drummer improvising in one bar.   Very cool.
  • My cousin lives there but we weren't sure what day we were going and would not be there over night so we will get a hold of you next time we are there.
  • Mardi Graw is a big deal here in Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and Gulf Breeze.   Parades and lots of decorations.   It will mean even more to me now.
  • (How safe are some of these buildings?   Some look pretty bad.)
  • I am not a big "crowd" person so going now was probably better for me.  
  • Saw were Brad Pitt's apartment/home is in the French Quarter.  No Brad though.
So that is it for now....Peggy

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