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Thursday, October 30, 2014

McGuires for Lunch

After an eye doctor appointment for Dad in Pensacola, we decided to go to McGuires for lunch.  They are a very popular restaurant here in Pensacola and Destin.  I have had pictures from the one in Destin before can hang a dollar bill on the ceiling or wall and there are thousands and thousands of dollars hanging throughout the rooms. I have asked, yes the money is insured and some day will go to charity.   Don't quote me but I think they said it is up to $24,000.  So what you do is write something on the dollar bill and hang it.  Mom and Dad were their for their 60th anniversary so they wrote Ron and Elaine = 60 years.

Also, as you can guess, it is very Irish and the Notre Dame fight song plays off and on.   Makes me feel like I am back in northwest Indiana.

We chose to go on Wednesday because they have the HOPKINS HOUSE Recipe for fried chicken on that day for $8.99 which includes mashed potatoes, corn bread, and collard greens.  You can also order a bowl of bean soup for 18 cents!   Believe it and it is great!!!!

Hopkin's House is no longer in business.  It was a restaurant that served family style meals at large tables in a large house in the Historic Pensacola area.  Oh, the food was fantastic!  And you always expected a long wait on the front porch.  They were most known for their fried chicken and served every green southern vegetable possible.  A girl from Indiana did not like most of those vegetables. 

We at in one of the newer rooms of the winery.

Very cool!

Good advice, don't you think?

The wine cellar is behind these glass windows.   This is just a small portion of it.   The $2000. bottles are further up front.

This is a big restaurant with a big menu.  There are many rooms to be seated in and so much to look at.  Also, a gift shop to visit before you leave.   This is a must if visiting the gulf coast.

I have a lesson coming soon and have been making some holiday gifts with Mom.  So time for me to go................Bye!!

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