Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A perfect day

Today was just a perfect day.....80 degrees, no humidity, and no clouds in the sky.   So Dad and I went to the beach.  So did lots of other people!  The water was as calm as the Gulf of Mexico can get, clear as can be with shades of blue, blue green, and turquoise.   Shells were far and few since  you do so much better with the shells when the waves are bigger and the winds are from the south.

Look toward the east.   I love the colors in the water.  Look at that sky! WOW!!

Many people where sunbathing or swimming in the water.   The water was chilly but not too difficult to get into.

There is a shell hunter out looking.

This shell hunter is relaxing on the sand.   Kathy calls him the "Shell Master".  Enjoying the sun, aren't you Dad?   We say to each other - "This is why we moved here."

And her I am......

The Navarre fishing pier - I believe the longest pier in the gulf.   This is Navarre beach on the Santa Rosa Island.  Santa Rosa Island has Pensacola beach on the west and Navarre Beach on the east with Federal Seashore preserved beach in between.  

Toes in the sand.

Again the pier.   No surfers today.   I am afraid they would just sit out there and get a sun tan.

Today I will end with a picture of Mom and Dad by the hybiscus bush in the front yard.  It might make it through winter and then again it might die.

We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country!  How lucky are we!
Lots of friends are on Fall Break and I hope are enjoying the well-deserved break.  No one understands that more than I do.   So enjoy watching all the spooky, scary, movies on tv this pre-Halloween week.   I tried to watch Chucky.   I just can't do it.  No way!   So we went to a Big Bang rerun instead.         Take care...........Peggy

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