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Monday, October 27, 2014

Not All Days Are Beach Days

No, I was not at the beach today.   Today was my day to move my prescriptions from Walmart to Walgreens....all but one.   I did so because there are some aspects to Walgreen's procedures that make ordering and picking up prescriptions easier.  After a long time on the phone with a wonderful lady from Blue Cross, I had some new ideas how to save some more money on my prescriptions.   I have one pill in particular that is very pricey.   After I have all my information and thoughts together, off we go to Walgreens.  They began the process of moving prescriptions and really - it was quite painless.  

Speaking of pain, I got a Shingles Shot today.    THERE IS NO WAY I EVER WANT TO GET SHINGLES!!  I know some people that had it on their back for two months and it was very painful to sit or lay down on their back.  

Then home, rested after morning duties and used the steam mop on our ceramic tile.  Boy, did it need it!   How does it get so dirty?  And I do mean that....I don't understand the amount of stains on the floor is just a couple of days!    I used to have friends that had off white carpeting!!!!  HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT CLEAN?!

Back to Walgreens to pick up meds and that was most of my day.   Some days are just busy work/organization days.   But here is one of my thoughts with medical insurance.  The price on a prescription is different at every pharmacy and is some case there is a big difference in price.   There are so many factors that determine what you will pay for that prescription that it is impossible for you to make a truly educated choice of where to purchase your meds.   Well, enough of that.

My friend Kelly and her family have been at Disney World for Fall Break.  Her pictures prove that they are having a fantastic, memorable time.   Natalie will return as a wizard (she now has her own wand)  and Colin has danced with Mickey!    Lots of things on my TO DO list off to bed.   Take care everyone!  

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