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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

All ok!

  I took Mom to the hospital to see her doctor and he sent her to for another sample to make sure that her infection is totally gone.   YES IT IS!  But while we were there I get a call from Dad - "Now don't worry and don't rush but my blood pressure is way up and I am shaking and need to go to emergency."   So I rush home and off we go.  He has many tests for his heart and head (for stroke).   After being there all day long, he is put on high blood pressure medicine and told that there is no stroke and his heart is healthy.   Thank you God!
But when you see his eyes because of his broken blood vessels, you will understand why we were so scared.

Poor guy!   We teased him about being ready for Halloween.  He had a great sense of humor about it all.
So in the last week and a half, Mom has been in the hospital four days, Dad in the ER, and Kacey at the vet 4 times.  All are great.  And can we please, please stay out of the hospital.   Please.

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I am very proud to introduce you to my home grown orange mandarin that grew on my very own tree.  It peels very easy, no seeds, and very sweet.  I had a lemon tree - I killed it.    Now you know why I am so proud of this juicy little orange mandarin.

Nicole and I went to dinner Saturday night and shopping at the mall.  I wanted to buy a pair of 9W Sperry boatshoes and found out Sperry does not make Wide shoes.  I found these for half the price of Sperrys in a 9W, comfy as can be, and so cute with the pink plaid trim.   Ah, Saturday night shopping is a fun activity -we closed the mall shopping so long.   Must remember to spray with leather water proof spray.  

We were in Bath and Body works for a long time smelling all the wonderful scents.  This is a soap and I will wait and put it out in November.  (My Dad will hate this.  He says - "Soap is shaped into a bar, not put in a bottle.  Who wants to wash their hands with pumpkins!")   Yep, that's my Dad.  Ya gotta love him.  

Do you know what this is?

No, not something you pee into.  It is a holder for the scent bulbs below.  You can buy almost any scent imaginable and they last a month.


I stepped out front to take a picture and we had a visitor.  These tree frogs are so funny.  They have a good jump in them - this one was in the front porch fountain and jumped on the brick when I stepped out.  And they are LOUD little guys.

I am going to guess he lives in our banana trees during the day.  They have really grown this year.

Fall decoration time.   Instead of decorating Halloween, then Thanksgiving, I like to decorate for Fall and it will stay until the Christmas decorations go up.
(Ha Ha --You can see the frog on the left side of the door.)

Scarecrows on each side of the door.

Fall wreath I made last year.

 Time for bed.  But I have to fold clothes first.......not my favorite thing to do.   Thank goodness for Downy Wrinkle Spray since it does a great job on cotton tops.

So off I go to take Kacey outside - dodge the frogs - fold the clothes and then I can go to sleep.  Take care all and enjoy these beautiful fall days!

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