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Friday, October 24, 2014

Busy Friday

Today was a busy Friday but mostly because I made it busy.   Sometimes you just get in the mood and it is: on your mark, get set, and GO!   And I did.

 I spent at least three hours working on my budget, the house budget, and more.  Makes you feel good when you are finished and you don't feel too terribly poor.  Know what I mean?
I am very organized with all of this......have always been.  I don't trust my brain to remember - all goes down in writing.

I had a lesson to give this afternoon - 8th grade french horn.  She is wonderful and fun to work with after spending so much time on the budget.

Then off we went to Pensacola.  That is about a 25 minute drive to the University Mall.   After dinner at Cheddar's, I had a coupon for JCP.  Spend $10.00 - get $10.00 off of price.  Free!  By putting this towards a Christmas gift I only had to spend $4.00 for the gift.  Can't tell you the gift - must wait until Christmas.

Then we went to the other mall - Cordova Mall and I had a coupon for a store - spend $15.00 and get $15.00 off the price.   I bought a Christmas gift for my Mom.  So between the two I saved $25.00.

Then to Hobby Lobby.   Not to buy but to look.  I bought some Mod Podge and with my Cricket and some wood blocks that Dad will cut out for me, I plan on making some Christmas blocks that say popular Christmas sayings such as Ho-Ho-Ho or Merry Christmas.  So many possibilities.   That will be so fun to do and Mom can help me do that.


I am SO SMART.   I bought this gift at Bealls over a month ago and had it wrapped for free.   They have free gift wrapping all year long.  BUT.......Do you think I can remember who the gift is for or what is in the box?  NO!   I guess I need to sneak a peak.

Working on my budget, I have my calendar next to me.  I jot down birthdays, when Kacey gets her flea and tick meds, my medical appointments - you know, all that stuff.  I love this Agenda book by Lilly Pulitzer.  It is fun, colorful, and big pages on which to write.   But it is pricey.

I have already bought next year's book but it is a bit smaller and less expensive.

And for the questions of the week:

  • Why do hot dog buns not match the number of hot dogs?  (I know, there will never be an answer to this question.)
  • Why if your tax payment is late there is a penalty but if they are late getting them to you there is not even an apology?  
  • Why do drivers not take special care when traveling on 98 in Gulf Breeze when they know it is a dangerous road.  
  • And where, oh where, do all the pens go???  I bought a new pack again - 4 pens in a pack - and I am down to one.  My parents have the same problem with their pens.   I heard Dad say yesterday, "Why can I never find a pen when I need one?"  I truly am very perplexed.  

Maybe Santa will bring me pens in my stocking this year for Christmas.

Take care and have a great week-end.

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