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Monday, October 20, 2014

Back Home Again in Indiana

We just returned from a week long visit to Hobart, Indiana and Monticello, Indiana - where I lived and where Mom and Dad lived prior to moving to FLORIDA.

  • 18 hours going up to Hobart on a Thursday
  • 15 hours returning to Gulf Breeze Florida on a Sunday

The first rest stop in Alabama going south is by Huntsville and this rocket ship is a real one.   I highly suggest you stop there and take a break.

Here we are driving through Tennessee.  Pretty green yet.  

Up in Kentucky the leaves were changing more and we began to see more colors.  This was on October 9 - 2014.

We finally made it to my brother, Ron's house. Very nice home and newly remodeled kitchen.
Back Home Again,  In Indiana,
And it seems that I can see....
The gleaming candlelight, still shining bright,
through the sycamores for me.

Finally arrived and doggies are sitting in the same chair.  Not to happy, what do you think?

Sunday we went to Monticello and ate at Sportsman's on Freeman Lake.  Soooooo gooooood!  Then off for a boat ride on Tammy and Joe's boat on Shafer Lake.  A bit cool but really pleasant for most of the trip.  Tammy teaches in Dave's block at Roosevelt Middle School in Monticello.

We ate lunch with the Cleavers and these are Mitch, Nick, and Alex.  I am sorry for spelling.

I have spent 36 years of my life on Shafer Lake boating.   Matter of fact, the first thing I bought with my money the first year of teaching was a boat, not a car.

We, the Kaiser's, owned a resort across from Indiana Beach Amusement Park.   8 cabins, a large pool, and the grounds kept us busy.  We had named it Anchor Bay after all the boats that anchor in the bay and people enjoy swimming, floating, fishing, and grilling.  This picture is the main house that Mom and Dad lived in and to the right is cabin 1.
I can't tell you how many beds I have made, toilets I have cleaned, garbages I have emptied,  yuck!

There is more than corn in Indiana BUT I have seen corn much taller than this.

Mums, Mums, Mums,   They are everywhere up north and in vivid colors.

Indiana Beach.   On of the roller coasters - over the water - fast - scary!!

The next night we met my cousins Sandy and Jim at Marty's on the river in Hebron.  The lake perch is #10!

See the mums.

The river is beautiful.

It is a very, very long restaurant.   Long.   Very.

Colin, Kelly's little boy was given a homemade marimba of sorts made by my Dad.  I can see that he enjoys anything with noise.

Colin and Natalie, Kelly's daughter, and engrossed with the IPAD.

Ok, there is a story about this one.  When I was a little girl, we used to shop downtown Gary in Goldblatts.  There was a 5 cent horse but I NEVER GOT TO RIDE IT!    Mean Mom and Dad!  So we are in the new Meijers in Portage and here it is.   For a penny.   My horse.  I could of taken it home but I believe that is called stealing.

Off to lunch to - you guessed it!

Ah, notice the leaves are changing quickly.  

And beautiful red, yellow, brown, and orange leaves gather on the ground.

So much more to show, the beginning has just begun.
Look back tomorrow, to see so much more fun!

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