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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visiting in Indiana

FRIENDS ........

While in Indiana for 9 days, we visited with 31 family members and friends.  Busy little bees, weren't we?  Let's start with Kelly, Betty, and Kris.  We all work (or in my case, worked) at Hobart Middle School.  Kelly and I band, Betty FACS, and Kris foreign language.  These are the best friends you can have and I miss them!

We went to dinner at Cooper's Hawk in Southlake Mall.  With wine tasting and delicious food it was a great choice.

Betty and Kris have done interior decorating besides the teaching gig.   Talented ladies.

Kelly and I taught band together for 12? years.   We are so alike in sense of humor but I am funnier than her - right Kelly?

My brother and I - both my brothers are also my friends.   But find a spider - they are not quick to run and kill it for me.  Bad Ron!      BROTHERS should kill spiders for sisters.

Kacey and Sage - friends?   Ah, Kacey tolerates Sage.   There is a big age difference between the two.   Sage likes to block Kacey from walking to where she is going.   Oh, sorry for the socks.

Kacey and I asleep .  Sometimes you just need that afternoon nap.

Last full day we had family over.  Uncle Carl, my Mom's brother came to visit and we had seen him earlier for lunch at Friday's.

Mike and Janice - my cousins and Aunt Doris.  All part of the Ronschke family.  My Mom was a Ronschke before getting married.

My cousin Sandy from my Dad's side of the family.  Thomas/Kaiser and she is now a Basala.
Just retired and loving it.

And Mom enjoying the family stories.

So we made a fire...........

And ordered pizza from my favorite pizza restaurant.

Later Mike and his cousin also stopped by for pizza and visiting.
Mike bought the house on 2nd street that we kids grew up in.   He is doing major renovations.   Mike has had the lots of work done on the second floor where Ron, Dave, and I had our bedrooms.  A big master bedroom and master bath is going in along with a sitting area.

Ron walking down the hall.

Used to be my built in dressers.

More of the same.

It is amazing how it will look compared to the way it looks right now.

This will be the view of the lake from the windows.

Dave even drove up to visit again from Monticello.

SO IT WAS TIME TO LEAVE.   AT 4:30 a.m.   

We packed Kacey into the car.   She does so well on long trips.

Straight south down 65 almost to the Florida line.

And pretty soon you start to see the Gulf of Mexico show up on the map.   You know your almost home.

Ah!!!  Warmth and the beach!


I was not able to mention everyone we got to visit with and I actually did not take many pictures at all on this trip. I wished we could of seen even more people but just ran out of time!  We enjoyed seeing Elmer Girtz in Monticello.  Elmer lost his wife, Pat, a couple of months ago and we really needed to make time to stop by.   And Paul and Ruth Throne are such a joy to visit in Hobart.  Paul was one of my Dad's coaches in high school and Dad thinks the world of him.  Visiting with Ruth is a joy!   She is so funny.  
I got to see Eric Stoelb at school - an incredible science teacher and friend, even though he played trombone.
And there are so many more friends fellow teachers, neighbors,  and family that we enjoyed visiting with - thank you all!

900 miles away isn't so far with cell phones, Ipads, and computers.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and the opportunity to visit.

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