Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I called this post "Bling"  because I went to Pensacola today to pick up my ring.  It had a spot that was rubbing against my finger and actually causing my finger to bleed.  After also being cleaned  - it looks like new!

Thursday Mom was sick....long story......but we knew she had a urinary infection.  Once the fever hit, we decided to take her to the emergency room.  Yes, she was very sick and needed to stay.  Mom was in the hospital from Thursday and got to leave at 2:00 on Monday.   Lots of antibiotics were pumped into her.  We are now home with oral antibiotics and she is looking good.  

This is a picture called LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!

Friends and family are wonderful!.  These yellow flowers were from the Thomas side of our family.  Thank you all!

These are beautiful purple blooms, aren't they?  They are from Nicole, Lamont, and Kray and we enjoyed a visit from them also.

I said earlier that I went to Pensacola.   I did take a few pictures.  This is a wonderful town - so clean and pretty.  It reminds you somewhat of New Orleans and is very artsy.  There are many balconies down the main street of Palafox.

Many luncheon spots and outdoor places to get a glass of wine and a sandwich.

The Globalgrill is a restaurant with lots of art work displayed.

Picasso's paintings, drinks and jazz music.  Wow!  You can't go wrong there.

Even the designs on the buildings are beautiful to look at.

More balconies.  They have Gallery Night four or five times a year in which they close off the street to traffic, the wine shops serve wine and drinks and you can walk up and down the street enjoying music, art, the people, and wonderful food.   There are bands playing - some are up in the balconies and some on the street.  Their music tends to overlap each other.

Every corner has these bicycle forms that are for people to lock their bikes up to ....needed because there are many people on bike enjoying the town and the waterfront.

Off to a new story.   Our friend's son, Kray (a junior) wanted to ask a girl to homecoming in a special way.   So he found a large, very heavy rock and painted NO.   Then an easy to carry in the palm of your hand rock and painted YES.   After letting the girl's father know, he placed the rocks on her porch with a note instructing her to give him the rock with the answer to the question - "Will you go to the Homecoming Dance with me?)

Well, the answer was...............

That's it for now.   We are going to run out for a hamburger.   Take care!

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