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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I Like

We all have things that make us smile, help make simple daily tasks more enjoyable, or remind us of a fun time we had with family or friends.   I thought I might every so often do a blog on "Things I Like".   They might be totally frivolous......and probably are but that is just ok.
I think I will start with something I don't have but would like.   This is the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda/Calendar.   Yes it is pricey but I love the design and the functionality of the agenda.    Maybe next month I will order it after payday.  
The OPI Polish is my favorite and I am anxious to use this pink.   Should be a good end of the summer color.

If you live in Florida, you better have sunglasses.   And if you are anything like me, you leave them in the car, by the pool, on the counter, and who knows where else.   So 2 or 3 pairs will help your sanity when in a hurry.  (Yes, I know, so will organization but ah......that just isn't going to happen.)
I usually keep a couple of my Bath Works Lotions in the my "look what I found on the beach' pail. 

Speaking of the beach, your shells should be displayed in several areas.   Ours our by the front door and on the patio.  It is a sign of honor to have certain shells found - right Kathy?  My friend calls my Dad the shell master but I have seen her collections and I think she might of won rights to that title.

These beautiful, silver dragon flies are magnets on my fridge - a gift from my friend Nicole.   I loved them so much that Mom and I gave a set to Kathy Cox for a thank you for having us stay in their beautiful condo over night.

My crab beaded magnet makes me smile.   Crabs seem to have such a funny personality and their sideways walk is amusing.

We have had a Keurig on the counter for 1/2 year now and everyone uses it.   I like flavored and regular coffee so I can get just what I am in the mood for instead of making a pot of coffee.

This is something new in our house.   Out went the table and plastic  carts for my craft supplies and in came this wonderful glass shelf with 21 cubby holes for storage all on an oak base.  It is practical, pretty, and functional - all in one.   I sound like a sales lady now.  You can see my cricut in the bottom left corner.  I have more craft paper than I thought.   Time to start using it up.

I love to display beach items and these dried star fish are perfect!  I have heard down towards the end of the island they are finding sand dollars that have washed in because of the storms that we have had lately.  Hm......  maybe Dad and I will need to make a trip down there and take a look.

Just a few thoughts before I go.  
  • My friend Kris had hip surgery today and I hope she is doing fine.  She will need to miss several weeks of school but at least it is during beautiful weather and she can open windows and hear Lake Michigan waves rolling onto shore.
  • Good luck and have fun to Nicole.   Nicole has started a new job as a teacher's aide and they are so lucky to get her.     
  •  Sunny, warm weather looks like it is here to stay for awhile (I hope) as this has been the summer of rain.  Enjoy your week all - Labor Day Week-end is right around the corner.

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