Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 17, 2013


This day is one of those non-stop soaking, rainy days that you are tempted to curl up on the couch with an IPAD and tv remote.  And the thing is this is nothing new in July and August but we already have 5 inches by 1:00 p.m. and it is not stopping soon.  I did not want to vegetate there all day so I suggested a drive to Pensacola Beach.

Everything is green, wet, and beautiful.

One unhappy doggie letting us know her feelings about us leaving the house without her.  

We took off for Subway on the beach.   This is a special Subway.   It is the only chain restaurant allowed on the beach and it is only allowed because it fits in so well with beach life.

The road down to Fort Pickens is closed.  There are spots that the gulf has washed over the road.  They removed all campers by 7:00 last night for safety reasons.

I stopped at one of the favorite kayak spots but it was empty of anyone wishing to kayak in the rain.

There is always someone happy with rain.

Bike routes are empty also.

Never empty - rain or shine is Peg Legs.  People flock to this wonderful restaurant/bar.   My favorite is the smoked tuna dip and they have the best flounder on the island.

So let's find something special to do on this rainy day.   I pull into the Margaritaville parking garage.   Uh.... beach right now.

Mom found the elevators.   Parking in a dry area right by the elevator and a short ride up to the lobby.

If you want the can't get lost.

So we take a seat by this pretty mermaid for coffee and dessert.

We are enjoying watching all the people.

I went out on the sea for adventure.....
Haul the sheet in  as we ride  on the wind that our
Forefathers harnessed  before us.
Hear the bells ring the tide rigging sings,
It's a son of a gun of a chorus.

I had to take this picture through the glass.  When I opened the door, the wind pushed the rain onto me and the camera.  The surprise is that the waves were not big.  All that haze out there is rain.

No one is fishing on the fishing pier.

Just isn't a great beach day.

Mom and Dad waiting for their coffee.

Kids behind us having painting lessons on this rainy day.

I love these ceiling fans.  I have even seen them at Lowes but you do need a high ceiling so as not to decapitate anyone.

Along with our coffee is Florida's famous Keylime Pie.   Perfect!

From there we headed home and there is a black and white western on one tv - Mom, and golf on another - Dad.  Neither thrill me so I will find something else to do with my time.  I love it here and all that there is to do - even in the rain!


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