Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just Thoughts


Thoughts about summer here and there.  I am not complaining though,   just every now and again my thoughts go back to summer break on Schafer Lake with the boating, Jacuzzi, and Indiana Beach. (Above is a picture of Kacey on a boat ride.)   We have replaced that with the Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola Beach, and our pool.   A pretty good trade off I would say.  Ron (my brother) is here this week and we have been in the pool everyday so far.   I know he is having fun and tired because he headed off to bed before 10:00 again.   He just can't take the beach life I guess.  

It is hot.   Yes, I know I live in Florida.  Yes, I knew it was going to be hot in July and August.  But it is HOT!  You learn to mow and do yard work in the morning - afternoon too hot and evening too many mosquitoes.  And humidity is the worst.  I am not big on the beach in July and August because of the heat.   By the time I carry everything to the water, I feel like I have heat stroke. 

Thought about prices - car radios in particular.  He and I ran to north Pensacola to a radio store to check out car stereos.  That was quite a surprise since the cheapest one they had was $700.00.   I don't think so!  He has one on line that he plans on purchasing instead  

I know summer band at HMS begins on Monday.  Again, several thoughts.   I feel a bit of sadness since this is the third one since I have been gone and I know Kelly is not a happy camper this week-end.   (The present band director.)   She loves her free time off with her family and finds it difficult to go back.  I also feel great about not having to go, deal with the stress, deal with the changes in education, and get up so early in the morning.

That brings me to thoughts about education.  Soon I will devote a whole blog on my thoughts - and my thoughts only.    But it is a mess.  I belong to a closed group on Facebook for teachers and I understand the pain and distress that the teachers feel.  I left at a good time but I haven't been gone long enough not to fully understand what these changes mean to students and educators.  More later.

Having a pool.  I love it!  I never miss a day without a swim.  I have swam in it on rainy days - what the heck?!  I am wet anyway.  It is a joy just to sit and look at - like a sitting by a fire at night and watching the flames.  I love to sit by the pool and watch the beach balls chase each other around and enjoy the color changes of the pool lights. 

I am fortunate to have great friends. I miss my northern friends and am so lucky to have southern friends here in Gulf Breeze and Tampa.  Friends help to stabilize your life and keep everything in perspective.  Thanks friends!   You know who you are!

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