Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Unbirthday to you.........

It is just too quiet.   Way too quiet.   Ron and Dave are both gone and it was a wonderful five weeks with one or the other here.  We were busy working on the landscaping in the back and enjoying our Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, and Navarre Beach.

 Before Ron left for Indiana, we celebrated his unbirthday on Friday because his "real birthday" is in a couple of weeks.  This included gifts, dinner out, and birthday cake.  Sage was SO excited - is this gift possibly tennis balls?   NOPE....sorry Sage.   Just a water bottle with Pensacola Beach Logo.

Sage keeps her attention right on those gifts just in case something is for her.

Kacey, well she could obviously care less.  I think she is thinking "Didn't he just have a birthday last year?"  How boring! 

A Frisbee was given to Ron so that he and Sage could play but Sage bit through that Frisbee in less than a minute.   Oh well.

A Hawaiian shirt - great for here and Indiana.  He also got two other shirts and money to go towards a new radio for his car.  And a  reciprocating saw.   I'd say Ron did pretty good for an unbirthday.

Dog picture time.
        Every time we get together I like to attempt to get the dogs to sit by each other and get a picture.  The problem is keeping Sage  in one spot for more than a couple seconds and convincing Kacey that it is ok to be close to Sage.  Kacey is such a doggie diva. 
                                          Look at Kacey's body language.   Not too friendly.

So I moved Kacey to the other side of the chair.  Again, body language speaks for itself.

It does not even bother Sage that Kacey is sitting on her.

Finally, this is better but Kacey still does not look  happy.  Such an attitude!

Finally!!  Except that Kacey has a big pout pug scowl look on her mug.  If a pug wants to look upset, they can really bring on that sad, pug look.   Silly dog. 
Ron left at 2:00 am and yes, we all got up to say goodbye.  After all, we will probably not see him until Christmas.  He safely got home at 4:00 - 14 hours later.   That is a long drive to do all by yourself but lots cheaper than the expense of flying.  And that is another topic you just don't want to get me going on........Take care all!

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