Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor day 2013

We have had a wonderful Labor Day Week-end.  Saturday was mow the lawn day and some fun pool time.   We had the neighbors over for dinner.   Sunday we had a BBQ with 9 people and lots of good food.   Then into the pool for water volley ball.  
Today, Labor Day, we enjoyed a drive over to Pensacola Beach and took a lot of photos.   So here is Labor Day, 2013 on Pensacola Beach!

Dad and Mom as we getting ready to leave.

Mom enjoying the hibiscus in our yard.
I can't believe how big our banana trees have gotten!
Monument to honor the death of a well-loved surfer from out area.
Beach is being enjoyed by many.
And why not!  It is a pretty day.
Emerald Dolphin, where we used to stay.   People were enjoying the pool.
Cars parked along the more quiet parts of the beach.  
The thatched umbrellas are for the trolley stops on the beach.   By the way, it is FREE!
Beauty of the beach on the sound side.
The sand oats help to hold the sand in place.   You are not allowed to destroy these plants.
More beautiful beach scenes.
SRIA - Santa Rosa Island Authority has added palm trees all over Pensacola Beach.   Just give them a year and they will be opened up.
A beach walkway down to some lucky person's beach umbrella.  Paradise away from home.
Ahhhhhh.   Just calming.
Family heading toward the water with toys.
They have found that round buildings do better in the high winds of hurricanes.   Makes sense, doesn't it?
Almost all houses on the beach are built up.  Money, money, money.   And most can't get insurance or termite protection  You build, you pay, you hope it stays.
Another round building.
A big house.  At least you don't need to pay for grass.   Most people just go for the sand look.
Well, that is Pensacola Beach on Labor Day.  After our drive Mom and I went into the pool and relaxed.       Kris- if you read this, I hope you are feeling better!  I think about you lots.
                                   Happy Labor Day All!


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