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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just a bit of a gripe

Bear with me here......I am venting now.      It was time to get my eyes checked and I did.  I was getting new frames and lenses and I have pretty good insurance.  So after trying on many pairs of glasses, I came up with these.  
 The pictures really don't do them justice.    They are bronze frames with a small Diamond looking stone on each side.   I think they are classy  and very comfy.  But enough of that.   That is not the purpose of this story.  After the exam I sit down with the lady deciding what the glasses will have included.   It is easier to buy a car, let me tell you.   What kind of lens, what kind of coating, at my age of course we discuss the bi-focals, and any tints or should they be scratch resistance.  We were also discussing having the same lens put in a cheaper frame that I liked for prescription sunglasses.   (There was even a special - buy one pair and the second is 40% off.)    Well, I kept asking the price of this and that and she said, "Oh it will all come up on the computer when we are finished."   And boy, did it!   Over $300.  I said, now that is for both glasses with the insurance, right.    No, these were only for one pair.  WHAT!?  One pair with our eye insurance?  She looked at me with as if I was clueless.   And I was and still am.   How, I ask HOW can anything so important for a reasonable life be so much money even with my insurance!  Well, forget those sunglasses.  Too many people can't afford this and parents with 3 children would need to take out a loan to get glasses each year for their children.
I wonder what the mark-up is on glasses.  Somebody is making a great deal of money on these.
Here is just another subject that  can get me angry.    Glasses, along with hearing aides, the price of gas, insurance for car, house, and health.   I will just end this with this statement.   You can buy a computer for less than a pair of glasses.  Really!? 

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