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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Southern Ladies

I absolutely love living in the south and  am finding more  to  fall in love with every day.   I wish I could claim to be a "southern girl" since I was born in Pensacola but we left awfully early in my childhood for Indiana.  Maybe there is some of that "proud southern girl" in me anyway.
The true southern accents catch my attention and I even envy their choice of words that come so easy to the tongue and that southern drawl that we all recognize.
People who live in these southern states seem to have a calmer pace to life and a greater appreciation of those around.  I am not criticizing the north.   I love my corn, snow belt, Indy 500, basketball lovin' Hoosier state but  the general temperament is different in Indiana and there are many good reasons for that. 

 What got me going on this subject is a simple visit to the eye doctor last week.  It was a hot, humid day and the office might of been a tad warm.  The wonderful receptionist said with that unmistakable southern drawl " My goodness, I am so warm."  As she wiped her brow, she said  " Ladies do not sweat, they perspire."  I laughed and said I  loved her choice of words and her southern accent.  It was as southern as drinking a glass of sweet peach ice tea under a magnolia tree.
(A word of advice, when you order that tea, if you prefer unsweet you must speak up otherwise you are getting glass of sweet tea.)    

Another sweet sign of respect here is when most students and young adults call me Miss Peggy, Mom is Miss Elaine, and Dad is Mr. Ron.  And that is everyone down to the nurses in the doctor's offices.   You might be called "darlin'" by an older woman waiting on you in a store.   And if you give them the exact change they may respond "You're a peach!"

I have read that a lady does not criticize others or show anger.     If an elderly gentleman is driving slow down the road and holding up traffic, instead of anger directed towards him a lady would say "Bless his heart."   I have even noticed my aunt says this instead of anger.  Hmm..... I should try this.

My friend Nicole and I are always sending plates of desserts, snacks, and such back and forth when we find a new recipe.    When Nicole returns a bowl or plate, it is almost always with some goodies  like homemade scones and a pastel colored bow to make it even more special. 

There is so much more that I love about the south but it is getting late.   I am sending good thoughts to all my teacher friends that have or will be starting school this week.  I always slept poorly the last night before the beginning of the school year.   It is amazing what your imagination can think up when you should be sleeping.   So for now, I will leave you with this until my next blog

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