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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rain Today and More Rain

Flowers loved today.  It rained and rained and rained.  For a day that I had no plans for I sure was busy.   Kacey needed to go to the vet for a sore on her mouth and that took time since we went to two  vet offices to find one that took walk-ins.  I do love this vet and the office so this is where we will continue to go.  She is on some antibiotics - one pill a day.   This is a dog that can take a full mouth of food and you are sure she swallowed but then she walks into the living room and spits out the pill.  You have to trick her into taking the pill and sometimes she is just plain smarter than I am.
Mom is having a bad time right now.   Her heart went afib over a year ago and she had to have it shocked to bring it back.   It worked great.  Unfortunately last week it went afib again and the cardio put her on medication to bring it back but that did not work so they plan on shocking her heart next Tuesday.   We are hoping and praying that it will work this time again.   On top of that, she had a tooth pulled yesterday.   And yet Mom stays cheerful.  She is a real trooper and handles all this medical stress so wonderfully.   I love you Mom!   All will be ok.
New baby at the zoo.   Our Gulf Breeze Zoo just had a new baby arrive.   The gorillas had a baby boy.   He is so, so cute!  I know it will be awhile before we can see him but I can't wait. 
And that leaves me with Disney World news.  I got the tickets in the mail. So I am set.   I have some Mickey t-shirts that I need to go through and decide which to take.   As all great Disney fans know, you wear Disney attire while at Disney World.   I have been enjoying reading all I can read on the Internet about our trip.  Now, I have been there 15 times before so I know what I am doing but there is so much to Disney World that you keep learning more and more.  So here I am with days left -

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