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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I Miss Since Leaving Indiana....

Today  is a fun list to put together because it brings back memories of people and things that I care for from Indiana.   So let's get start:
1.  Beautiful soft white snow fall during evening when I am safe and warm at home.
2.  I will miss the beautiful spring when the brown everywhere turns to fresh green grass and blossoms on flowers on trees.   Especially my tulips when they pop up in April.
3.  I have already missed Shafer Lake with the ice and snow but the problem is, so have the people that live there.   The winter has been so warm they haven't had ice yet.  Bizarre!  Also, we had several boats when living on the lake and we sold them prior to moving.   I sure will miss our boat rides and the lake!
4.  Working in a town that everyone is proud to be a Brickie!  What is a Brickie you might ask?  A Brickie is anyone and everyone that went to Hobart during their school days.  Brickies are proud of their schools and town, their sports teams, their bands and choirs, and all student activities. 
And this is Yohan.   He is the Brickie mascot.  His picture shows up everywhere in Hobart.  Yes, I miss Yohan.   How ya doing guy?
5.  Working with my bands.   I am a band director and had 36 years of teaching.   I loved my job.  Yes, loved it.  That is why it took me 6 months to decided whether or not to retire.  I taught in a great school system in a new band room with mostly new facilities.  Big bands with talented students and fellow staff members that become like family.  I miss this lots....lots......yes, lots.

6.  Family and friends.  We have family members that we left but thanks to cell phones, we talk lots.  Ron and Dave -my brothers - have been here every several months and we talk almost every day.  But I miss them.  Friends - I have always said you have "work friends" and "friend friends".  These are the people that are your friends through life.   You know even though you are 900 miles apart, you are always there for each other. 
Kelly is one of several of those friends and I just happened to have a picture of her turning around to yell at me when we were on a ride at Indiana Beach.   Mean Kelly.  Betty and Kris is coming down for Spring Break.

Yes, you do miss people and activities when you move far away.  I often think of the people and then pick up the cell phone and call and then feel better.  You trade the activities from the past for new ones to enjoy.  Again, this list could of gone on and one, especially when it came to the band program.   I have a great deal of pride in everything we accomplished those years and I will enjoy hearing all the successes that Kelly has with the program.

I am making a final packing list for Disney World tonight.  I have the Disney rain ponchos from previous trips but it would not dare rain on my trip. 
9 - yes, 9 days till Disney World. 

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