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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Disney Preparations

I am getting more and more excited for Sandy and my Disney World trip.   Here are some Disney preparations that I have been taking care of this last week.

#1.      I ordered a pair of  Keen Venice sandals.  I was able to try them on in a store in Pensacola but they were $95 before taxes and black.  I have black sandals (Merrills) and did not need another pair in that color.  So I spent several hours perusing the Internet looking for these shoes and found a site that I could get them for $63.00 and that includes taxes and shipping.  That is for me!  This was in a tan color with coral trim.   Maybe not my first color choice but I like them and I saved $30.00.   I choose these shoes because of many Disney blog ladies said their feet did not get so sore and tire so quickly while wearing them.   Hope they work.   They felt great when I tried them on.
I will be getting them Saturday and gives me a week to wear them in before the trip.  

#2.     I am going to use the fanny pack.  I hate to go against fashion but I want comfort!  I have a smaller Vera Bradley bag but would not hold sunglasses, water, tickets, wallet, etc.   This bag will and I will not have to worry about a purse/bag when on rides.   So be it!

#3.    Photopass at Disney
I have read much on this and of course, would like to utilize photopass but even if you prepay, it is $99.00.   The pictures are suppose to be of great quality.  I think, unless Sandy would like it, I will not use this because of the cost.  I have a small camera that takes good pictures that will fit in the bag and one evening I will take my best camera into the park for pictures.  This will do for this trip.

#4.   Search for Disney tshirts.  
I have Disney tshirts to take so I am a true Disney fan while in the parks.  I just have to find them.   This is easier said than done.

And now to a new topic.   Our friends, Doris and Ben came to visit for the day yesterday and I hope they enjoyed the day as much as we enjoyed having them here.   We went to Hemingway's for lunch because the food AND the view is great.   Then I took them down to Fort Pickens, back through Pensacola Beach looking at houses, and finally a drive to Navarre.   We came home and had homemade pizza for supper.  Lots of laughing and memories where thrown about.

Last Saturday we went to the Navy Base and spent some time at the museum.  Dad loves that museum!   Then we drove over to the building that was used as the old band room when Dad played trumpet in the Navy.  So I took a picture of Dad in front of it.  Dad has many stories and many good memories from this time. 

Well, that is enough for now.   Dad is out golfing right now which makes Mom and I very happy.  
Finally he is back to golfing which he loves.  Mom is taking a nap - she is tired after having her heart shocked but she is doing great.  Kacey and I are relaxing right now .....I had lunch on Pensacola Beach with Nicole.   Sunny and beautiful!  So take care all!
  11 days till Disney!


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