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Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Don't Miss....

So I am home for the evening and thinking about my blog.   What to write about???  Well, Ron just sent me a a picture of the snow in his front yard.  The storm has just begun and it is suppose to snow all night.  I will tell you, having lived off of Lake Michigan most of my life, lake effect snow is the worse.  It just keeps falling and yet two miles down the road they might not get but a couple of inches.
Which brings me to things I don't miss now that I am in Florida.Snowing In Hobart.

Now to the topic of today's blog.....things that I don't miss from Indiana.  Here we go:
1.  Frozen roads and deep snow.  (Kacey doesn't miss the deep snow either.)  I did miss seeing that pretty first snowfall of the year when the snow is white and clean and beautiful.
2.  Waking up at 5:30 a.m. to get to school.
3.  Teaching on days that you feel too sick to be there but need to be there because of concerts.
4.  Trying to start my expensive snow blower that won't start - call Ron - he comes over and it starts right away.   UGH!!
5.  Trains and trains and trains.   I had to cross 2 busy train tracks to get to school.

6.  Taking Kacey out at 6:00 a.m. and the ground is frozen.   She does not like the cold, cold ground and I need her to do her business but she just wants back in the house.
7.  Living next to a town/city in which crime is a big problem.
8.  And yes, there are some things about teaching (very few) that I don't miss but I think I will not get into details.  Just know that teaching has wonderful memories and just like every job, some bad.
I am lucky though.   I have way more good memories than bad.

That is all I can think of things I just don't miss.  Tomorrow I will list what I do miss.   A much longer list.
Today I got my Keen sandals.  They came in less than 24 hours after I ordered them......I didn't think that was possible!  Sandy and I talked tonight about our trip.   I have warned her that I am reading everything I can about Disney world and I am going to give her a quiz when she gets here.  I have been reading Disney message boards and many people have great tips like get your pop and water at Walmart before you go to save lots of money.   Many suggest  taking it easy and enjoying all Disney offers - take an afternoon break - use fastpass - and more.  But some advice is silly.   One lady suggested not to buy any Disney souvenirs or t-shirts.  Yea, like that might be possible! We are excited and ready to go!!
10    10      10     10      10  Days till Disney

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