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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney Part II

Yes!  I admit it.  I miss Mickey and Disney World.   The drive was 7 hours from our house in Gulf Breeze and it went quickly with Sandy and I talking and looking at the scenery.  But when you pull up to the Disney property all changes with flowers, green grass, and everything is as clean as could be.   Just as it is expected at Disney World.
The living seas area was very different than the last time I was there.  When you walk in, these sea gulls are out front saying "mine, mine mine"   and they have t-shirts with that also.  So cute!   I loved the attracktion talking with Crush.   He was so funny talking to the audience and his facial feature changes are a riot. 
Sandy and I ate at the Coral Seas restaurant on Friday night.  I had the lobster ravioli.  Oh my incrediably good!  And every restaurant started the meal with fresh breads.  Yum!
This picture of me is at the Magic Kingdom.  It was 91 degress  -   in February - hmmmmmm.  We picked February because it would be cooler and cheaper.   Cheaper it was.   Cooler it was not.
  This is a blurry picture.  Sorry.  I was standing up on the train station and took the picture. 
This is me in front of one of the many fountains in Coronado Springs on Monday night - the only time the weather was a bit cool.   We took off to the Disney Marketplace and shopped!
If you are going to Disney World to relax, HA!  It won't happen.   Be prepared to walk miles every day.  Be prepared to be up early to get to the parks before they are too crowded.   And be prepared for so much fun that you won't want to relax and take a nap because you will feel like you must keep going.
Some more of my Disney World thoughts:
1.  Take a picture of your parking lot name with your phone when you arrive so you don't forget where to go for your car.
2.  Bring several pairs of shoes and band-aids for your feet.    They will get sore.   They might get blisters (mine did) and yet you will continue to truck on.
3.  Learn when to hit certain areas during the day for the least lines.   We NEVER stood in any line over 10 minutes. 
4.  Visit the resorts.  Each resort also has a restaurant that you can make reservations at and enjoy with less crowds.
5.  Know you can't do everything in 5 days.  If you try, you will collapse.  Enjoy the beauty around you.
6.  I am amazed how polite most of the people are for the most part.  
7.  Bring your own water bottle in and fill it up to save money. 
8.  Stay on Disney property.  You will enjoy parking your car and not using it again until your vacation is over.
9.  Wear your Disney t-shirts.  Many people wear their newly bought Mickey ears.   You will NOT feel foolish and you will fit right in with everyone else.
Yesterday we ran over to Panama City to have dinner with Sandy.   She left Sunday morning for home but decided to stay on the beach for two nights.   I just think she does not want to go home.  Just kidding because I know Sandy loves the beach and wanted to enjoy.   Well, our next trip is to Indiana in two weeks.  I am looking forward to going to see everyone and Ron's new puppy, Sage.   

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