Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Busy, busy day

Today was one of those days that when I got up I had no particular plans for the day.   Ha!   This is a short diary of our day today -
We took off for Perdido Key which is west of Pensacola.  It is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  We see the end of the key across the water whenever we go down to Fort Pickens.   There was a fort on Perdido called Fort McRee that was built in the 1830's to help protect the United States.   Today the fort is under water and sand and can't be seen at all.
This is a picture of the beach area.  If you didn't know it was white sand, you might think it was snow.
We stopped for lunch here at the Crab Trap and had a lunch special of shrimp and crab for $6.99.   Can't beat that, can you!
Our next stop was at the Naval Aviation Museum.  We could leave Dad there all day and he would be happy.  It is an incredible museum and worthy of your time.....and it is free!
The Blue Angels - need I say more.
Another exhibit.   They have aircraft used since the beginning of flying.  Also, a great deal of history on all the wars that United States has been involved.
Mom and I shopped in the gift shop.   We never miss a gift shop!

Next we went to the Pensacola Lighthouse which is also on the Navy base.  Lots of people were there also.  We were able to drive a bit on the base and stopped at the building that used to be the bandroom when Dad was stationed at Pensacola.   Also saw the building that was the hospital where I was born.

On to Disney again.  Only 16 days till we go.   While at Perdido Key, we stopped at a beach shop and I found a black leather fanny pack.   Now, I know that might not be very stylish but it will allow me to carry everything I need while in Disney parks without worrying about a purse.  I could even be able to put a small bottle of water in it, I think.  I also have been trying to decide which shoes to take.   My feet and ankles easily get very sore and I am so concerned about the walking at Disney.   I know I will take my Merrells, my New Balance, and again I know this lacks in style, but I will take my crocs.   I see many people blog that later in the day they switch over to the crocs to help tired and sore feet.  Hey!   When your feet hurt, you will wear any shoe to make your feet feel better.  
Maybe this is why Mickey wears these large, comfy yellow shoes.   Maybe his feet hurt also.  

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