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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Until Next Disney Trip

This is my last Disney World post until the next trip.  We did have our pictures taken with Photopass but if you purchase it before you go, you get a Cd with all pictures taken for $99.00   Ok, I don't think so especially when I can take my own camera and take many pictures on my own.  But you could still utilize the photopass photographers and look up your pictures on line when you get home.  I did this but each picture you order is $14.95.  So I only ordered one picture.
This is not it.   This IS a picture of Sandy and I that was taken while going through Spaceship Earth in EPCOT.  I did this attraction 4 times - I love it!  If you are not a Disney World person, it is the large silver globe that you see in pictures of EPCOT.  Inside there is a ride that takes over 10 minutes to ride through an animatrionics show of the beginning of planet earth through the present.
Saturday morning it was time to go home.  Of course I did not want to leave but feet were sore, money was short, and every good thing must come to end.   But I must say, I knew I would be returning much more often since it is only a 7 hour drive away.  So we headed home and Mom had made dinner for us - her delicious barbecue beef bean bake casserole and Grandma Ronschke's coconut cake.  This cake is fantastic.
This week I spend Monday morning with my first appointment with my new doctor and Tuesday morning with my new cardiologist.   Blood test Wednesday.   Also I spent time unpacking and cleaning.   Dad and I are getting fishing poles ready for fishing.  We hope to go tomorrow so we stopped by a bait shop to see what is running right now and what bait to use.  As we thought, live shrimp is the choice of fish today!  If weather allows, we plan on going tomorrow.  Oh, and Nicole and I ran over to Hemingway's for lunch.   It was sunny and warm and we sure enjoyed it because we have had lots of clouds lately.
Kacey, Mom, and I went for ride down by the beach and Kacey got out of the car to get some rays.  I told her, "No doggies allowed on the beach"  so she kept watch out so she would not get caught.

Well,  I talked to Kelly tonight and she is doing great.   Matter of fact, the Jazz Band is performing for the school board tonight!  I know they will be great.

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