Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, January 27, 2012

Quiet Time

I brought my computer to the library to work on a picture book I am doing through Shutterfly and the quiet is wonderful.  I am sitting by a big window that looks out to a beautiful park and of course, their Internet system runs so much faster here than at home. 
I had received a coupon for $10.00 off through Shutterfly and am determined to use it.  I did not realize how detailed their program is for making picture books.   I understand it perfectly after years of doing PowerPoint other other such programs.  So I am having a blast doing this.  My only problem is that my computer only has 30 minutes of battery power left so I am moving fast.
I do love my new computer.  It's screen is BIG and the typing is so easy.  
Dad's latest project is a new mailbox post holder.   It is classy and has a flower box on the back.  Here is a shot of Dad putting in the cement to hold it good and steady.  I will show the final picture after we get the flowers put in the flower box.

We went to dinner at Sidelines on Pensacola Beach last night.   After a day of rain, the sunset was stunning.  You can see the Pensacola Beach beach ball water tower in between the palms.  And yes Kelly, we went out to eat AGAIN.  But tonight I am making homemade pizza.  Yummmy!
Well, my computer is running down so I think I will close.   I want to check out the DVD's here - why rent when you can get a library card and watch for free?
24 Days Till Disney!

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