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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Computer!

I have just received my new laptop.  My other one was 6 years old and slow as can be.   Finally, one day a few days ago I had had it!  I took it to the Geek Squad and they were going to charge $200. to get it moving better.  Too much money to put into that older computer so off I went to buy a new one.  And I did.   I ordered a new computer at Best Buy but the next morning, Office Max had a laptop with more hard drive space and a larger screen so I ordered that one and canceled the other.  It came today and I love it!
My first picture is of a single strawberry.  We  have a few strawberry plants out back and they have produced one, perfect, single strawberry - in January!  One is difficult to share 3 ways so I believe in late February we will be planting tomatoes.
There is an area in Pensacola that the large ships are docked.   It is amazing what you will find there.  Last Sunday there was a ship there that we got to walk through for free.   So interesting!

 Here I am in the ship.  This was so interesting.   The living quarters were fancy but small.  Would be fun to go out on a sailboat like this for a couple of days.
That same day we went to the Pensacola theater and enjoyed the music of the Pensacola Symphony.   They had a concert that evening and the tickets were a bit "pricey" but you could go to the afternoon rehearsal and hear them perform for $5.00!   You can't beat that.   They played 45 minutes of music that would be performed that evening - straight through.  We could of stayed after the break but that was enough for my Dad so off we went to the bay front.

Our neighbors down the street just got a new puppy!  He is three months old and full of energy.  I know Kray and Elise are thrilled to have this little guy! 
Other than that, I have spent lots of time this week working on Sandy's and my trip to Disney.   More about that on my next blog.  A bit cool here today but sunny.  A sweater or sweatshirt is good to have with you.   According to Ron, it is downright cold up in Hobart - well, it is January 18th.  Take care all!

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