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Friday, January 20, 2012

Disney Reservations

Much time has been spent the last couple days reading all about Disney World on the Internet and also in a book I purchased.  Now, this will be my 16th trip to Disney World but I am excited as if it is my first.  Some changes since I have been there last includes the price.  WOW!  We are lucky though because Sandy, my aunt, has a condo by 9 miles from Disney that she has got with vacation points so that is free.  We are staying in Coronado Springs, a moderate Disney resort, for two nights but my Florida residency allows a big price break on those nights.
Disney also has an offer going on right now for Florida residents that give us 4 days for $130.   This is a great price.  So I first looked at resorts.   I have stayed at many of them before but Coronado Springs will be a new place for Sandy and I.  It is big - I mean big!  Step two was dinning reservations.   I studied all the restaurants and discussed many with Sandy on the phone.  We have decided to eat at one of the Polynesian Resort restaurants - we have both  ate there before and the crowds are so much less.  Another choice was the Liberty Tavern in the Magic Kingdom.   Well, four reservations have been made so our dinning is taken care of - yeah!!  Tonight or in the morning I am ordering my tickets.  That will save us time when we arrive.
I have not been to Disney World since the fast pass has come into play.   We will utilize those for sure.
I am making this trip with my Aunt Sandy.  She is my Dad's brother's wife and I love her lots!  She is a few years older than I and when we are together we laugh and laugh and laugh.  I know we are going to have the best time.
Today was so warm for January - a muggy 72 degrees.  Up in Indiana my friends and family are going through a major snow store and cold.   This is something I don't miss - the ice, extreme cold, slippery roads, and parking lots.  Ugh.....well, I hope everyone is snuggled up at home with hot chocolate.
Flowers at Lowes today......

 Flowers to enjoy in January - this makes me happy.

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