Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kathy's Visit

First visitor of the year is one of my oldest friends, Kathy Cox.   Kathy and I met the first day of my teaching career at George Earle.  Since then we have been great friends.  Terry (her husband) and Kathy retired a few years prior to me and live right on the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater Beach.  What a life - watching the dolpins while eating breakfast!  So Kathy made the 7-8 hour drive here to spend a couple of days.   We had so much fun!
This picture is taken on Navarre Beach.  Now, there is a story about this.  Kathy demanded, yes demanded, shelling lessons from the expert sheller - Professor Sheller Ronnie Kaiser (my dad).  So there they went out in the gulf looking for shells with the proper equipment.   That is another story in itself.  She was soaked.  But very happy and successful and ready to share her knowledge with others.

This cage is one of my dad's secrets of successful shelling.   Book to be released soon.

While they were in the semi-cold water I was dry and warm on shore trying to decided, "Do I need a new pedicure?"  hmmmmmmm......
Kathy stayed until Sunday morning and after she left it seemed too quiet and I felt so bad for her since she had the long drive home.  She is a sweetheart and I love her lots!  

When Kacey woke up that morning, she looked so sad that Kathy had gone.   She misses you Kathy!
Later that day we went to lunch at the Marina Oyster Barn in Pensacola on Bayou Blvd.   This is the type of restaurant the locals go to - the food is yum, yum, yum!  I got the tuna steak, cheese grits, and of course, hush puppies.  All under ten dollars.

This is a great meal fit for a southern girl!  Hey, that's me!  By the way, I am really a true local.  I now have a Florida driver's license, insurance, Florida plates, and my Gulf Breeze library card!  But really, I can claim more than that since I was born in Pensacola.   Dad was stationed at the Naval base so the beach is in my blood. And yes, I am a Hoosier. 
This is a picture of the dog park - part of Gulf Breeze's Shoreline Park.  We registered Kacey at the police station.  (No, she does not have a record.  Not yet.)  Now she is allowed to use the dog park.   Today was our first trip there.  Look at the beautiful spanish moss.  Kacey loved it.   We'll be going back and back.

Well, I did say she doesn't have a record but if she keeps driving without a license, you will probably see her mug face at the post office.  (Or is that pug face.)   Take care all.....going to get chilly here over the week-end and downright cold in Hobart.  Keep warm!

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