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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen

KAREN - Go Away!
Tropical Storm Karen is moving in our direction and I was pretty confident that we were going to make it through hurricane season without a storm.   WRONG!  Karen is supposed to turn into Hurricane level I tomorrow but hopefully drop down to a tropical storm by the time it hits land.
It will hit land probably during dark and I hear that is just scary to hear the roar of the wind when it is dark outside.   I am not looking forward to that.   We need to move all patio furniture and items into the garage, shed, and house.  We can put the chairs into the pool.   So tomorrow we will be busy moving outdoor items in.   Yuck.  The flowers are gorgeous right now.  Just downright beautiful.  I am sure they will be stripped of their beauty by the storm.  
But I am really not complaining.  Could be worse, much worse.
Oh, and gas is so cheap here right now - $3.19.  (Crazy that this price is considered cheap.)  That will change after the storm because they will have to of stopped production on the oil rigs in the gulf for the storm.   So gas will go up, up, and up.
We have hurricanes.  The middle of the country has tornadoes but at least we have some warning for our hurricanes.  Some areas have terrible snow storms, others mud slides, fires, frigid cold spells, floods, etc....
Tomorrow and Saturday it is our turn to deal with Mother Nature and we know she is a tough cookie.

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