Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We lucked out again.

Tropical Storm Karen is not even considered a tropical storm as I go to bed this evening.   (Sat. nite)  We might get some wind - maybe some rain - but that is about it.  That's how it goes with the storms.  You keep up with the changes and prepare if need be.   Yesterday I wanted to see the waves so off we went to Pensacola Beach.  Oh, and I wanted to see Jim Cantore.  You know, the weather man guy that shows up when a bad storm is on the way.  He got sunny Pensacola Beach for his assignment and some other poor guy got the wicked snow storms. 
As soon as I pulled up to the beach by the pier, I knew he was here because this is their truck.     But he had left to go back to his room an hour earlier to take a nap.   Darn.  
 Surfers are every where you look. 
 Here is the PB fishing pier and there are always lots of surfers close by in these weather conditions.  The people standing under the pier are there just to watch surfers.  Now I know the waves don't look too bad in this shot but you will see a better shot of waves  further down.
These two beach buddies are here to see the waves and yes, get ice cream   Chocolate to be exact.
Another surfer.  Swimming is not allowed.   Only surfing.
Another surfer coming around the corner.  Maybe he wants ice cream also.
Our local news is also here.  Look at that pretty blue sky.  Does that look like there is a storm zeroing in on our beach?
Enough wave and surfer watching.   Home to swimming in the pool. 
Ah, Miss Kacey, you are such a diva.  
We will see what the weather is like in the morning and if tomorrow will be a pool or a rain day.  Take care all!

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