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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall means FOOTBALL

Fall here in Gulf Breeze/Pensacola Beach means that cooler weather will move into the area in late October.  But cooler weather here means in the 70's and if the sun is shinning, it is  beautiful day!  In the fall, football is as big as football in Indiana!   And the bands that I have seen are WOW!  The bands go to the away games and both bands perform a half time show and compete with playing during the game.  Even when the ball is in play!   It is loud and exciting to watch.  Oh yea, and the game is going on also.

 We went to the football game - homecoming at Gulf Breeze High School.  Here the team is warming up, the band is marching into the stadium.

The students run out to the field when it is time for the team to run in and believe me, there is a mob of happy teenagers out there ready to support their team.
Our neighbor and friends the Jubicks were so proud that night.  Their daughter, Elise was in the homecoming court and the Dad's (in tuxes) walked their daughters out onto the field.  She was beautiful!!

Here is Elise, her Dad Lamont, and her Mom - Nicole.  We love this family! 
 Kray is not pictured right now but he was there supporting his sister.

Waiting for the Queen to be announced.  Only seniors can be homecoming queen and Elise is a junior.  What a thrill!
Dad watching it all.  Where is my popcorn???

Releasing the balloons when the team ran out.

 Guess where we will be going soon?  In January but the excitement has already begun.  The schedule is as follows:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and DISNEY!   There are lots of fun and important things happening in
  • We are taking Dad to the eye doctor in the morning.  His left eye is bothering him and he wonders if the lens they put in when he had his cataract surgery several years ago is slipping.  We should not try to guess the problem, just wait until the doctor tells us. 
  • Pool is down to 74 degrees.  Chilly and unless the sun is out, too cold to swim.
  • I found a Disney purse on EBay that I wanted and bid on it.  Guess what!   I got it!   Another lady must of wanted it badly because she was bidding till the last second.  I got a great price.
  • I found a few Christmas gifts at super prices.  My friend with twin girls in middle school says she never has the time to look for great buys.  I get that!  When I worked everyday I did not have that time either but now I do.  I have a few ideas for Christmas gifts and if I see them at a great price, I pick them up and save money. 
  • To my favorite HMS friends:  My friend Kris is going back to school soon after being out because of surgery.   I know she wants to return and everyone misses her.  Kelly is already stressing because of Christmas Concerts.  (I remember that well.)  And Betty just goes along happy and busy.   Miss you guys!

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