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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Things that make us lazy......

Dad and I were working on the brick on the house because our watering system's well is in an iron vein and after time it discolors the bricks.   So we have this powerful spray that you spray on stains - wait a few minutes - spray off.  I thought, oh my gosh, without this spray this would be an incredibly nasty job.  It made me think of doing a blog on things that happily make us lazy.
MOM AND KACEY are being lazy  by the pool.  Good for them.   Kacey has the "please don't put me in the pool" look. 

       Once Dad realized we did not EVER have to sweep the pool, he was all for it!

    Grandma used to tell us how clothing was washed when she was a child and how little it was washed.  Must of been smelly!

If you have ever thought about a Roomba, go for it!  It really works well and I hate to sweep.   Ours hadn't worked for almost two years and Dad (Mr. Fix It) took it all apart and off it runs again.  That makes me very happy!
And I know every single one of you feel the same.  I remember my grandfather hooking up a remote to his tv back in the early 60's that had a cord running along the carpet from the couch to the tv.    I guess he really wanted one badly! 

I go into panic mode if I can't find either one of these.  Enough said.

And here is someone that never gets lazy, and if he does, I know he is not feeling well. 
I feel lazy now so I am going to watch some football with Dad on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
Take care y'all!!

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