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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Words

Today's post is titled "No Words" because I can't come up with an appropriate title for the loss of another teacher due to violence.  Again it has happened.   Another killing in a school in Massachusetts and last week a previous killing.  
Teachers go to college to learn how to teach.   They study their subject area, general education areas, and classes that supposedly cover teaching procedures but often it is said that there should be a class to teach other needed skills.   This class could include how to deal with an irate parent, the surprise of how many classroom items you will end up purchasing yourself,  and how much extra time after the school day you will be preparing lessons, grading, and filling out the endless paperwork.  And maybe it now should cover extreme school violence.
There are no words to explain how a teacher feels about these killings.
There are no words to describe the sadness we all feel about our young children needing to be aware that this is a possibility.  And they are.  After all, we have lock down procedures practiced in all schools. Often there are no words to explain why this happened again, how it happened again. And again.
There are no words to calm the fear that this nightmare might come to your town,
 your school some day.
There are no words to describe the sick feeling all teachers, students, and parents feel when we hear of another useless killing taking place in a school.
There are no words, it seems, to alleviate this trend in society.
So when I read about this young, energetic teacher who was brutally slain by a student..........
I am left with no words to truly describe my feelings.  
There just are no words.  


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