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Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of September

Oh my gosh, I have not kept up with my blog during September.   One more day of the month.  I know it is fall but it is 85 degrees here, blue skies, and I just got out of the pool.  So I took a few pool shots but first let me think about what has been going on.  Our wonderful neighbor Karol and her son Ethan moved to Puerto Rico and we helped her when need be to get ready for the move.   She is a strong woman and an incredible mother.   We will miss her and hope to see her back some day.  I might add that it is SOOOO quiet without 6 year Ethan.  Miss you too - lots and lots.

I had the neighbors down for strawberry short cake last night - Elise and Kray.  While we were eating it I thought this just isn't as good as usual.  Today I found out why - IT WAS SUGAR FREE ANGEL FOOD CAKE!!!  Good for you, not so good to eat.

Saving money was my job for the month and I checked the insurance for the house and for Mom and Dad's auto and saved us a grand total of (drum roll)  $1,100!!!!!  Good for me, right?

Some plans coming up are Disney in January, Christmas here with Dave and Ron,   Stacey and Nancy the week before Thanksgiving, and for Thanksgiving Tom and Holly, Rich and Leta, Sandy and Robin, and hopefully Sandy and Jim.    Great fun to have so much family together.  

(I just paused here because my brother Dave called and we talked for 1/2 hour.   He's doing good except for fuel pump problems in his vehicle.)

So, like I said earlier,  I just had gotten out of the pool before beginning this blog and took some quick pictures.

Mom relaxing by the pool.  She does this several times a day.

Kacey saying please don't make me go swimming.   I am just not in the mood.

Dad also relaxing by the pool.   He had a head-ache earlier so he looks he is feeling better.

I love the vine!  So beautiful.

The fountains are great for when you are in the pool and also out of the pool.  When in the pool you can swim under, through, and around them.   When out of the pool they make quite a loud water fall sound that is so relaxing.

This is our dolphin,  The youngsters love to ride him and try NOT to fall off.

The dolphin and me.  To my left is our automatic pool sweeper.  It runs every morning from 6:30-8:30 and sweeps the pool. 

Again, me and the dolphin.

I have lots of coupons for restaurants so we are going to choose one and go out for Sunday dinner.   I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying fall.  Tuesday, the first day of October, I will be getting the Halloween decorations out of  the attic. 

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