Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween is always fun and I fondly remember the days at my brother Ron's place where a grave yard, guillotine, flying witches and ghosts would appear in his yard every year.  This mixture with the cooler weather and falling leaves really made a wonderful spooky effect for all.   He even had talking monsters that were at least 9 feet tall that would have conversations with  the kids - some loved it and some where totally spooked by a conversation with this creature.   To top it off, sometimes there would be chili, grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, and hot chocolate for those that were helping with the haunted presentation.   So hauntingly fun!!!  It was a bit different here.  Warm - upper 70's and humid and the mosquitoes were biting me but happy children and parents were making their rounds and gathering their loot.  The usual was knocking at out door - beautiful princess, pirates, super heroes, frightening figures that, well, you really don't know what they were.  We try to make our house inviting to these welcomed guests.   (And all said thank you and were wonderfully polite!)

These pictures were taken at night but the flash makes it look like it is in the middle of the afternoon.

A mixed for fall and beachy awaits you at our front door.

Our pumpkin ghost greeted trick-or-treaters as they knocked at the door.

Pumpkin pals.

A happy crow waiting for visitors.   (This is from Mom and Dad's craft show days.)

In a month this will become all Christmas.

This is a fall wreath that I made for the front door.   Some how it just doesn't have the same feel as Halloween in Indiana.  The cool breeze blowing colorful dried leaves down on you add to the scary atmosphere.   Here trick-or-treaters are walking by palm trees and hibiscus.  Just not the same.  Oh and I never got that fried apple donut from the Hobart Apple Orchard.  Soooooo good!
Happy Fall, - y'all!

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