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Friday, July 26, 2013

Typical July Day in Panhandle

July in the panhandle is hot.   Hot and humid.   And that it was today!  In July and August, you adjust what you are doing to the time of day because of the heat.   Off  Dave and I went to the zoo this morning before the heat got to be too much and the animals were surprisingly moving around quite a bit in the heat.

I love this guy.  He welcomes you as you walk into the zoo.  Hmmm....not a good hair day, I see.

He can be a bully sometimes - the llamas are not thrilled about being close to him.

Here is one llama.  There were two in the front but one of them was spitting on people all the time (how rude) and moved into the large yard area toward the side.

Beautiful, aren't they.  There are three giraffes and they love to be fed.

These guys are SO loud.  So loud that it hurts your ears.  In the jungle, I am sure that they can be heard all over.

The lion was giving a box to shred.  Maybe there was something for her to eat in it originally.

This is Patrick.  He can wave good-bye, point to his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, wrist for time to eat, throw kisses, and do peak-a-boo.  Quite a character.

Sitting above Patrick is Zachary.  He also can do all the above but often chooses not to do so.

No, this little guy was not at the zoo.   He is our adorable next door neighbor Ethan.  Ethan lost another tooth.  It makes for a great spot to put his straw in his mouth, don't you think?  He is hoping for a special visitor tonight.

Ethan's Mom Karol put together this yummy strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.    She is a great baker.   
Besides the zoo, I went in the pool, picked up some groceries, gave Ethan a piano lesson, and relaxed after having hamburgers on the grill.  Like I say, a pretty good July day.

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