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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our turn to work now.....

The pool people installed the pool, the fence builders built the fence, now it is our turn to work on the landscaping.  Ugh!!
  Dave and I ran to Lowes to pick up some more plants - many were on sale so we bought lots.   Now this was great until we got home and they had to be planted.   Dad is working the hardest out in this heat.   He amazes me.    So we are raking out the sand and dirt that ran during the rain storms of last week.   And of  course, it is HOT.  Then we put the ground cover down and the pine needles on top of that.   Oh wait, I forgot we planted the plants before the ground cover.  Dave and Dad worked hard today until another rain storm came.  After this is done, they will begin on the watering system that had to be dug up during the pool installation.
This is the edge around the pool.   Just sand.
So we are adding plants here and there along with the pine needles.  That is three feet of cement and three feet of pine needles.  You might worry about pine needles blowing into the pool but it would take STRONG winds to do that.  The needles seem to intertwine with each other and hold them down.  
All the plants are perennials and are supposed to take this summer heat.
Dave is having fun in the back.  Oh, also this is the new back fence that was constructed yesterday.
The floats in the pool.
Dave planting plants.
More of Dave.
 Dad showing that he is hot......but happy.  Like his hat?
More plants.
Why are you just standing Dave?
Geraniums do so well in the heat.  Just keep feeding them and they are happy.
  The camera does not do these plants justice at all.   They are so beautiful.   Hope they live in the heat.
Ok Dad, time to quit working.  PLEASE take a break. 
We all know he is a worker and a half.  I wish I had 1/2 of his energy.  STOP WORKING DAD!!

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