Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dave at Dinner

Guess what?!  It is raining, again!   Yep.   Hard to believe.  In Indiana this would be a flooding problem but since we live on a peninsula of sand, the water just drains into the ground.  Tonight we ran over to Hemingway's Island Grill on Pensacola Beach for dinner.   Dave only has a few days left before he leaves for Indiana and we had not been to Hemingway's yet.   They have great food and give you more than you can eat.   What even makes it better is that they have a $10 menu - ten items for $10.  so you don't need to spend the big bucks.   I got the bbq island sandwich and Dave got an island chicken sandwich.   Mom and Dad ALWAYS get the shrimp.

Today we all cleaned the patio.   It really needed it from the pool construction. So we took all the furniture off and cleaned the rugs and the furniture and replaced it. 
I meant to take pictures of it and forgot so I was just out there taking pictures in the dark.   I think they will work.

This is part of the lanai off of the living room. 

Pool at night.

Fountain on patio.   Whoops!  Forgot to put the wetvac away.

Side shot of the pool.

Kacey has learned where to walk so that she does not fall into the pool.  Here she is out on her last trip of the evening before bed.  (Excuse her backside.)

Any idea what this is?   A homemade towel and bathing suit holder made out of pvc pipe for under $20.  Then I bought a $1. noodle at the Dollar store, cut it in small pieces and down the middle.   It makes great clips to hold the towels and suits on the pipes.   Ingenious, right?

Plants at the curve of the pool sidewalk.

Dad doing battle with a spider that makes a web every night.   So far the spider is winning and still alive. 

I have bought several pots in the last two years from The Pottery Shop down the road.  This is just the coolest place to shop.   The lady that owns it gets a semi truck and driver to go down into Mexico but not where the tourist go.  She buys beautiful pottery for great prices - items that you just don't see anywhere else.  Anybody that comes to visit and likes to shop I take them to this shop.

Of course we have to have golf statues in appease the golfer in our family.
Dad, Dave and I also went to the flea market down the road looking for a trellis but did not good.   I hoped to find one cheaper than they sell them for at Lowes.    That is all for today - who knows what tomorrow will bring.   Maybe sunshine!
One last friend Kris has had a terrible week moving her Mom into a home.  I wish I could be more support than just calling on the phone.  My thoughts have been with you Kris all day long knowing the turmoil you are going through and how your beautiful Mom must also be feeling.  Know you are doing the best for her you can - and she knows that.   God Bless Kris!  

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