Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frog Search

We have in the evening little green frogs that love to sit on the glass or somewhere on the patio.  They are cute but loud little frogs and when you open the patio doors to take Kacey out the back, they try to jump in the house.  Tonight one made it by Dad and the hunt began.  Out came Dave with a big smile on his face saying "This is going to be fun!"  I was curious to see who was smarter - the frog or Dad and Dave.   Well,   Dave did catch it with Dad's back-up and out the door the frog went. They are our brave heroes.   Here are the pictures.   Yes, I grabbed the camera and started shooting (and laughing).

The frog hunters were very proud of their catch and release program.  'Ribbit"
AND YES, it rained a bit again today and here comes the thunder leading the way for another storm.   I believe that is 31 straight days of some sort of rain fall.   Enough is enough!  I guess frogs like it though, huh?

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