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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Auto Insurance

I finished off looking for new auto insurance today since it was a bit cloudy because the weather for the rest of the week and weekend looks like this:


A few weeks ago I got my Auto renewal info from State Farm.   It went up.  Why??  I had no claims - ever since I have had State Farm.  So I called and they said it went up all over Florida.  I don't know if they meant State Farm's rates or all insurance companies.  UGH!!
So I put it aside for a few weeks and decided yesterday to check out rates with other companies and see if I should stay where I am or change.  I got 6 companies that I checked rates with and came up with one that was definitely the best for me.  That is now taken care of - you know, one of those jobs you hate doing but must be done.

Then I went to BEALLS.   If you don't live in Florida, you are missing a great southern style store.  But you don't need to miss it.   Look at their website and you will be amazed at their clothing and prices.  They carry Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, capris, and shorts much cheaper than full price.  I sound like an advertisement but I love this store!


I am SO proud of Dad.   We have a friend that recently lost his wife and he has some major health issues.  So much so that he can't drive.   Dad has been taking him to doctor appointments when his daughter can't do so.   So off he goes in the morning to take Robert to Gulf Breeze Hospital and then golfing in the afternoon.   He is a busy guy!

I have had several friends ask me if they have torn down the house that burned down last November.
NO!   Here is part of the house - it all looks like this and trash from it blows into our yard and pool.   It is very upsetting.   We just had a thunderstorm 3 days ago and more of the roof came down in the driveway.  Look at the chimney.   That is scary for the neighbor on the other side.  Glass is everywhere.  In case you are wondering, I have made probably 40 phone calls to the county, the commissioner, and more.  The more I think of the danger that Dad and I were in that night, the angrier I get about the whole situation.  I'll never forget the heat and the height of the flames while were hosing down our house.  It took me at least two weeks before I could go out in our backyard at night after this happened.  The house was just too terrifying.  What if my 81 year old Father could not stood that heat or what if our house burnt down.  The what if's still haunt me.  Hopefully before we have some other strong winds it will be gone - but I am not going to bet on it.  
(WOW!  I wrote more on that than I had planned!   I just started typing and out it came.)

Alright, I am feeling better now.   :)     I picked up two hibiscus and planted in the back.   That is such a happy plant and each day offers new flowers to enjoy.   Hope you enjoy!

Let's add a canna.  They will bloom from now until early November.

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