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Monday, April 27, 2015

Something old , something new

Something Old......
Saturday we went to the Pensacola symphony orchestra concert in a Saenger Hall.  For every evening concert that you can buy tickets for - and they are not cheap, you can attend an afternoon run through called The Blue Jean concert for five dollars. I love it and try to make everyone that I can.  I have heard some great soloist and the orchestra is a joy to hear.   Saturday's concert featured the orchestra, of course, and also the pipe organ that has been refurbished.   The organ was originally purchased for the theater when it opened in 1925. It is decorated in a Spanish Baroque style.  The picture below shows how ornate the design is on the organ. The concert was great and I have enjoyed reading up on the history of the theater and the organ. As I listened to the organist warming up, I could imagine in the late 1920s the organ being used to accompany movies.  In the early 1990's it began to have problems - notes would hang on too long.  Then the hurricanes hit and the water got to the pipes and caused damage.  So the organ was used no longer.  But money was found to refurbish the organ and pipes and it is welcomed back to Saenger.

  Here is a picture of the organ.........         

Waiting for the concert to begin. 
 (Don't tell but I purchased a brownie at the bakery next door and hid it is my purse.    We sneakily ate it while we waited.  I looked around for the "brownie police" be saw none.)

The sate is beautiful with wonderful sound qualities.

I have seen other large pipe organs. I used to love to listen to the one at Indiana University when I attended summer camp there for two years. Also, I got my Masters degree at Valparaiso University and they also have a large pipe organ.

Well that was something old and now on to 
Something new.....

On the way home from having pizza Sunday evening we were discussing the fact that out of six tables with families waiting for their food, each of those tables had at least two people looking at their phones.  Now that is not unusual. After all I do that myself sometimes. But we started to talk about technology and how it has changed everything. I love the computer, the IPhone, and IPad.  I wish I could be around in 50 years to see what is new. What will people be looking at for entertainment when waiting for their pizza?  Of  course, in technology new is only "new" for a very short time.
I started this last night but just finished it after lunch today.  It is raining.   I guess April is the rain month in the panhandle south.  Errands are on my agenda for this afternoon.......Dancing With The Stars is on tonight.   Will Derek dance...probably not.  
Bye for now!

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