Sunset on Pensacola Beach

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kind of busy.....

Rained yesterday, actually just a bit.  Poured the day before, the day before that and the day before that.  It is supposed to rain today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   I am so ready to see some sunshine.  But you can tell the plants and grass love it!  Everything is growing so fast.  I am going to put up a smorgasbord of pictures today  There is no particular theme so here I go.

Another Day In Paradise Is WET!

We go to the Central Waterside Church on Pensacola Beach.  Some days it is perfect weather, some days too hot and some cool.  But it is a great place to worship.  (Just watch out for a seagull pooping on your head.)

These little guys are out and I love them along with the green wood frogs that like to hang on the glass windows and croak.  Loudly.   And I mean loudly!

Graffiti Bridge
Pensacola, right past the three mile bridge, has a railroad bridge that it is NOT against the law to paint graffiti.   Know if you do it will be painted over by something new within 24 hours.  But for Easter an artist painted this artwork of Jesus.   It was beautiful.  We drove over to see it along with many other people.  

Mom in front of Graffiti Bridge.
A lady had taken pictures every day for a full year and published a book with the daily changes of the bridge.  

We went to see the Pensacola Blues Brothers on the beach.   Every Tuesday night there is a free concert on the beach.  People bring food, wine, and drinks to enjoy during the concert with their friends.  The Blues Brothers was the first of the season (which will now run through October).    They were great!

This water tower is the main icon of Pensacola Beach.  It is no longer used as a water tower.  Known as the beach ball.....people here love it!

A new restaurant on the beach is the Pensacola Beach Bar and Grill.   I have been there twice....once with my family and once with my friends from Indiana, the Stoelbs.   This restaurant is at the front of the Pensacola fishing pier on Casino Beach and is wonderful!   The food is great and at a good price.  There are different areas of seating and I can't wait to go at night with the lighting.  I plan on taking my IPAD one day and enjoy the view with a cold beer.  

The back splash if finished and is beautiful.  It adds a punch of color to the kitchen and Jamie did a quality job for us.  

Yes, an electric stove.  I am not thrilled with an electric over gas but everything is electric here.  I am getting used to cooking on it and pretty much have found the trick to choosing which temperature to cook different items.  And if I burn something, I can always blame the stove.

Eric, Lisa, Lilly and Eli stopped by for a day.  Eric and I taught together at Hobart.  He is an incredible teacher...and I do mean incredible!  I could go on and on but I don't want to embarrass him.  Lisa is an assistant principal and Lilly and Eli are so fun!    We saw the Blue Angels, Fort Pickens, ate at the Pensacola Beach Bar and Grill, and went in our pool - cold as it was.

As we walked through the fort, Lilly read from the fort pamphlet so that we knew the history of each area.  Eli wanted to hear about the ghost dog.  (We made sure he knew it was a made-up story).

 The rest of these are some quick pictures I still had on my phone.
This is my Grandpa Kaiser (to the left) and my cousin's Grandpa Thomas.  They were the best of their generation.  This picture is at soap box derby - I think.   My uncle, cousin, and brother were all involved and the Grandpa's were part of the brain work.

Wish I could buy these for my brothers.

Every year the manatees go to warmer areas.  They are wonderful and I would love to drive down and see them.

Pensacola is the home base of the Blue Angles.  We see them often - once right over our pool in formation.
And I will end with a picture of my Kacey.  She is doing great and runs the household.  Yes, she is a princess, diva, queen all wrapped up into one little pug.

Everyone here is doing great.  I have been on the phone often pushing to get the house next door torn down.  The county is trying to work through the paper work on it.  It is miserable for us not only because of the looks (which is hideous) but the smell and the fact that strong winds blow bits and piece into our yard, house, and pool.   It is a very discouraging. At night, it looks like a real haunted house sitting there.   Ugh!!!!
That's it for isn't raining so I am going shopping!
Take care y'all!

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